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Frequent Q & A's



How far in advance should I book my date?

As soon as you have set your date.  As music can be a really important part of your day, it’s essential to book any musicians as soon as possible. The finer detail such as repertoire can be organised much closer to the event.


Are you able to provide other instrument choices?

We can provide a combination of 2 violins, violin and viola or a string trio of 2 violins and cello if required.


When will you arrive at the venue for my ceremony?

We typically arrive 30 minutes prior to your ceremony start time in order to allow us adequate time to setup and discuss music cues with the registrar/officiating person.


Can I request a special song, not listed on the website?

We will try and source any music you require dependant on notice given, however if not readily available it may have to be arranged. This typically can  incur a cost of £15-£25, however this will be confirmed at the time of your request.


What do you require to reserve my date?

A signed copy of the contract you received and a 50% deposit will reserve your date.  The remaining amount is due one month prior to your ceremony.


How far in advance will you need my music selections?

We will need your music selections no later than one month prior to your ceremony.  Especially, if you have a special song request that is not listed on the website.


Will you need processional cues?

For your procession to run as smoothly as possible, it is important that a family or friend is able to provide us with cues as each party of your procession is ready to begin walking down the aisle.  This person should be dependable, not a party to the procession and will need to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the ceremony to learn cues from the violinist.


My ceremony is only going to last 20 or 30 minutes.  What is the minimum amount of time I can book?

The minimum booking time we recommend is 1 hour. This allows us to set up prior to the ceremony, play up to 15 minutes before and after the ceremony while guests are arriving and leaving in addition to during the ceremony if required.


Will my guests be able to hear a solo violin without amplification?

If your guest list stays under 150 people there is no need for amplification.  We are seasoned professionals who are able to project our instruments properly so that everyone in the audience will be able to hear and enjoy the music.  If you plan on having more than 150 attendees, either amplification or adding an additional instrument or two would be a good idea.


What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept cheques or a bank transfer.


What happens if it rains, or is unusually hot or cold?

Because of the nature of our instruments, we cannot expose them to extreme weather as in direct sunlight or rain as this can cause cracks or the wood to warp. Adequate shelter should be provided in either scenario.


In what event would you cancel?

Only in the event of a serious accident, illness, or hospitalization would we cancel. However, we would do our best to provide substitute players to perform at your event.

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